Madurodam Miniature City

Madurodam Miniature City HagueOne of the most interesting places to visit in the Hague, especially if you are into miniature cities, is the Madurodam miniature city. Madurodam represents typical Dutch architecture and landscapes. It was opened in 1952 with the partnership of the Dutch Student Sanatorium in Laren and Mr. and Mrs. Maduro. The sanatorium was searching for a way to generate income. One of the sanatorium’s supporters, Mrs. Boon-van der Starp, had seen a miniature city in Beaconsfield and wanted to build a similar one in the Netherlands for tourists. She encountered Mr. and Mrs. Maduro later. The couple wanted to build a memorial for their son who had died during the Second World War. They loved the idea of a memorial that would continually benefit others and agreed to help fund the building of the Madurodam miniature city. They employed the assistance of architect S.J. Bouma. It was his compelling design that persuaded many city officials and local students to pull together to build Madurodam.

Madurodam may be a miniature city, but it is a very active one. It is filled with soccer fans during game season, and is bustling with holiday activity at Christmastime. Madurodam staff take pride in hand crafting all model buildings and dolls in the city. They maintain very fashionable city-dwellers. A committee of students selects a child to be mayor of the ever-active miniature city.

Today, Madurodam is essentially the same as Bouma designed it with a few expansions, including a modern airport. In April of 2012, Madurodam is expected to unveil further expansions and improvements. Not only is the Madurodam miniature city fun to visit, but it also continues to fund many children’s charities in the Netherlands.