Live Music Scene

Live Music Scene HagueInterested in the live music scene and the Hague nightlife? The Paard van Troje, a great contributor to the Hague’s reputation for musical innovation, may be your best bet. At one time this building housed a school for girls. Later it became a community hangout for teenagers to discuss problems they were having at home. Over time, other activities for young people prompted the formation of a discotheque on the location under its current name: Paard van Troje, which means “The Trojan Horse.” Many say this is because it looks smaller on the outside than it is on the inside. In its early years, the 1970s, soft drugs were openly marketed. (Marijuana in the Netherlands is still legally tolerated.) As its reputation for an excellent nightlife became established, it attracted big-name stars in the 80s, including U2, Mick Jagger, Prince, and later Pearl Jam. The Paard continues to look for new talent as well as attract big-name performers to its venue for stand-up comedians, pop stars, hip hop artists, jazz musicians, dance shows, avant garde rock and more. More recently, the Paard has shown Michel de Hey, Calvin Harris, The Cult, Florence and The Machine, and DI-RECT.

In 2003, the club was renovated by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It is now capable of hosting over 1000 people in its large hall, 300 in a smaller hall, and 200 people in its cafe. Paard van Troje has risen to be the number one club in the Hague, and was awarded the 2005 Nachttempel Award. The venue is sometimes utilized by businesses and private entities for important events such as conferences, awards ceremonies, and parties because of its central location and excellent parking. If you are in town and are looking for exciting nightlife and vibrant live music scene, this Hague club is a definite must.