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The HagueWelcome to! You will find useful information here about some of the best places to visit and what to do in the Hague while you are visiting. Of course, the Hague is one of the most well-known and popular cities in the Netherlands and in Europe, with lots of beautiful and fun attractions. For instance, one of the most popular Hague attractions is the Madurodam Miniature City, a miniature city opened in the early 1950s and in operation ever since, and whose proceeds fund many children’s charities in the Netherlands. For more information about Madurodam, check out the “Madurodam Miniature City” page.

If you are an artistic type and are looking for the finest pieces of art in the Hague, the Mauritshuis Royal Art Gallery is a must — especially if you know anything about the splendid works of art of the Dutch Golden Age, many of which are housed there. More information on that under “Mauritshuis Museum.”

As with any other big city, you will find a plethora of bars, pubs, nightclubs and discotheques in the Hague, but if you really appreciate musical innovation and are into the live music scene, you may want to consider checking out the Paard van Troje (Dutch for “Trojan Horse”), one of the cutting-edge discos of the Hague and a very popular live music venue. You’ll find more about the history and significance of the Paard under “Live Music Scene.”

Since the Hague is a very popular tourist destination and there are a lot of English-speaking Christians at any given time, there are churches in the Hague that cater specifically to those who want to worship in English. Among these is the Church of St. James, an international Anglican church with an English-language worship service. For details about the history and some of the features of St. James Church, check out the “Church of St. James” page. Enjoy your stay!